Tax Incentive and Exemption Value Estimator

The State of Maine offers a variety of tax incentives to businesses. If you are considering a new investment in Maine, this page will help you estimate the potential benefit to your business from three key programs. For specific eligibility information, please contact DECD to learn how these programs could fit your business.

This county is eligible for Pine Tree Development Zone Certification.
The median income for this county is: $42,968

This sector is eligible for Pine Tree Development Zone certification.

Employment Tax Increment Financing (ETIF)

The ETIF program offers payments to businesses who hire new, well-paid employees. Companies can receive these payments for new, full-time employees who are paid above the county median income, including benefit contributions, and are provided retirement and group health benefits. See the Employment Tax Increment Financing page for more information.

Estimated annual ETIF reimbursement to your company (available for ten years):* $0
*Actual payments based on state income tax withholdings for individual employees and may vary based on hiring timeline and wages.

Pine Tree Development Zones (PTDZ)

The PTDZ program provides a range of benefits for businesses in certain regions and sectors who are making new investments and creating jobs. Among other benefits, PTDZ certification exempts purchases for a business's operation from sales tax. See the Pine Tree Development Zones page for more information.

PTDZ participation will save you: $0

Business Equipment Tax Exemption (BETE)

The BETE Program exempts certain business equipment from property taxes. See the Business Equipment Tax Relief Programs page for more information. Property tax rates vary with locality, so this calculator uses an average of 1.3%.

Most business equipment is exempt from property tax in Maine, so you will save: $0

Estimated value of tax exemptions and incentive payments over ten years:


Ready to invest in Maine? Please contact with any questions about these programs and more information about how to apply.