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Establishment: 23661 - BELGRADE PUBLIC POOL
Inspection Date: 08/10/2022
Inspection Purpose: REGULAR
Status: Failed: 19 Critical, 6 Non-critical violations
3.A.2 - Public pool or spa establishment owner not retaining a pool or spa supervisor with CPO training and certification or equivalent.
8.A.2 - All portions of the water distribution system serving the public pool or spa not protected against backflow and back-siphonage and/or water introduced into the public pool or spa is not supplied through an air gap or by another approved method.
4.C.1 - Pedestrian access gate not self-closing, self-latching, opening outward, or can not accommodate a lock.
5.B.4.a.i - Circulation system does not meet turnover rate requirements for swimming pools - once every 6 hours.
5.B.3 - Disinfectant feeder not installed, not functioning properly, prohibited feeding of a supplemental sanitizer through skimmer basket is allowed, supplemental sanitizer added directly into the pool when in use, supplemental feeding of sanitizer not done in accordance with manufacturers directions, forbidden undissolved sanitizers found in skimmer basket while pool or spa in use, and/or prohibited stabilized chlorine used for indoor pools.
5.B.2 - Flow meter not installed and/or is not accurate.
3.A.3 - Routine operating procedures not posted and/or available for viewing by the Department.
6.G.1 - Valves not tagged with metal or rigid plastic tags.
6.F - Exposed piping not color coded or color coded correctly.
3.G.4 - Material Safety Data Sheets not available for inspection.
3.G.2 - Appropriate test kit, DPD or FAS-DPD not provided, test kit not capable of testing for free and combined chlorine, pH, total alkalinity, calcium hardness and when used, cyanuric acid, reagents are over one year old and/or prohibited OTO kits and/or test strips are being used.
3.G.1 - Sanitizer residual and pH not recorded three times a day, one manual test not conducted, proper records of maintenance and chemicals added not maintained and/or recorded once per day, total alkalinity, calcium hardness, and cyanuric acid (if used) not being tested for and recorded once per week, water chemistry records not retained for 1 year and/or the water chemistry records not available.
3.B.1 - The recirculation system is not operated continuously, the water clarity is such that the main drain is not visible from the deck of the pool or spa, the pool or spa water is not clean and clear due to improper operation, there is improper operation of the recirculation and/or purification system, and/or a pool or spa, closed by the Department, has reopened without specific written approval by the Department.
3.C.1 - Free chlorine levels not correct and/or stabilized chlorine used in indoor pool.
3.C.3 - pH not correct.
6.C.8 - The edges of steps, ledges or seats do not have a 4-inch stripe of contrasting color. Stripe should be 2 inches on the thread and 2 inches on the riser.
6.A.1 - Perimeter handholds are not properly designed or are not in place.
6.C.1 - Depth markers not present, not conspicuously marked at or above the waterline, on the vertical pool wall, and/or on top of the coping, or on the edge of the deck or on the walk next to the pool.
6.C.2 - Depth markers are not properly positioned to be read from the water side on a vertical pool wall.
6.D.3 - Ring buoy with throwing rope attached not provided, ring buoy is not US Coast Guard-approved with an outside diamenter of 15 inches or greater, throwing rope for the ring buoy not of a minimum 1/4 inch diamenter and/or throwing rope of ring buoy is not long enough (1.5 x width of pool) or 50 feet, whichever is less.
6.D.5 - First aid kit, including barrier protection (gloves and rescue breathing), not available at all times.
6.D.2 - Not equipped with a light, strong pole not less than 12 feet long, including a body hook.
6.E.3 - Main drains in pools existing or under construction at the time of the effective date of these rules disabled, pool or spa without a main drain constructed after the effective date of these rules unable to show proof of proper filtered and sanitized water and/or pools with main drains as part of the plans do not have two main drains separated by 3 feet on center.
9.C - A precaution sign with public spa use parameters not provided and/or the precaution sign with public spa use parameters is not properly worded, located, or lettered.
6.D.4 - Location of the nearest telephone not posted with dialing instructions in the immediate vicinity of the public pool or spa and/or the telephone does not have posted names and numbers of the nearest available police, fire, ambulance service and/or rescue unit.